The Lessard-Michielsen Family

Anjhela, Casey and baby Iris. Good things come in ‘threes’.

Casey is a fellow photographer and all round great human being. I always love shooting other photographers and despite the bucketloads of extra nerves, it’s fun to have the challenge. He reached out a year ago simply because he’d found my work and wanted to encourage my style. So so grateful for the support of others – this was especially nice coming from someone I didn’t know yet. And now that I know him, I can confirm my suspicions – all round great guy. He and Anjhela have had their most exciting year yet and now know their best accomplishment – Iris…who arrived about 6 months ago. Casey and Anjhela are traveling superstars that have been living in Nunavut as Casey photographs for the newspapers and Anj has been serving women’s support centers…their paths have now steered them back to Southwestern Ontario. ♥ I love people that follow their hearts!

We were joined by some of that magic kind of light, a happy little baby and we were on our way…

xox R