About Richelle



I love learning from other people. I learn from each couple, child, introvert and entertainer I capture in a photograph. I see something special every time – each private moment entrusted to me is treated individually and uniquely. The surprises, the tears, the side of you that you weren’t sure you had. The sweetest glance, a stray curl or an unexpected hug…

Few people stop to remember that photographs are actually one of the only  things left when everyone dashes home after a day as remarkable as your wedding. Save for the wedding dress, the dried flower petals and the last blasted  bits of confetti that’ll be with you for the rest of your lives – photos are concrete and allow you to revisit your day again and again.

When you picture us together at our photoshoot, envision an absolutely relaxed time that we get to know each other and a time that we are highly likely to end up laughing at my expense to get you comfortable (get ready to see me move like jagger.).

If you’re a bride – hello, let’s dive into blissful weddingness and grab coffee. If you’re a best friend to someone and would love to remember the two of you just as you are right now. If you are a doting grandparent, madly in love, or are looking for an extra special gift to give to someone… Pictures are priceless and mean more than a 3-speed Cuisinart. Amiright?

I love my enormous family, drinking tea (not coffee), having grown up in a town where everybody knows your name (“Cheers” reference? Anybody?), self help books (because we can always learn about ourselves), LOLcats and my handsome fiancé. Having a big family and growing up around a lot of love has made me sentimental and a hopeless romantic – that is pretty much why I was made to be a photographer.



Specializing in natural light, fine art photography.
Currently in Paris, France.
Based in London, Ontario and available for travel.
richelle @ richellehunter.com.