This is what love looks like…

This is what love looks like. 

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The Tyler Family | Twice the goodness….

Dan and Amy are the nicest, warmest couple.

And then they decided to have a baby. And now Dan, Amy, Ainsley & Katelyn make the warmest little family.
Katelyn + Ainsley were born about a month ago, making Dan and Amy the proudest parents ever. Not only did they get a brand new chapter, …they got to enjoy two little smiles to mark the beginning of it. So much work and so many things to do, but I’ve never seen two people so ready to take care of their girls. Both of them ready to love and both ready to jump when either babe makes any kind of peep. One of my favourite things about my day, was hearing how many times Dan repeated “My girls.” You know a guy is excited to protect his house when he talks about his girls.

I’ve always thought this was the cutest quote.Twenty fingers, twenty toes, Plenty of work Heaven Knows, Four little arms to hold so tight, Four little cheeks to kiss goodnight …” – Author Unknown

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Little monkey…

A picture summing up new parenthood…


Baby Ellyse

When I stepped inside, there were little tractors everywhere. A little boy’s dream…especially a little boy whose father is a farmer. : ) Noah, big brother to the brand new baby Ellyse, was running around offering his opinion on outfits for the photoshoot. Pauline, supermom that she is, was doing the finishing touches – dressing the baby, chasing Noah, and lastly, picking shirts for her fantastic husband, Peter. How one looks this good after all that is a mystery.

We cozied up in their amazing country house and spent the majority of the time reflecting on how genuinely beautiful new little Ellyse is (…who is already fondly known as baby Elly.). Her soft, soft baby skin and adorable lips had me melting. It won’t surprise you after how perfect she looks in these pictures…that she was entirely agreeable to every new pose I had her in. I’d-a kicked me if I were her.

Pauline + Peter, congratulations on your perfect little Elly.

XO Richelle