Lochlan turns 3…

It is NOT news that I am obsessed with my nephews…

It isss news that Lochlan turned 3. My oh my, I couldn’t love him more. We celebrated 3 years of adoring him and seeing THIS personality develop… with a photo shoot.

You mightttt remember, I took shots just like this of his now-almost-5-year-old big brother when he was 3….You can see them right here!

// Lochlan Turns 3 //


Merriest December

I hope you’re enjoying your holidays!
My weekend was blissfully filled with photoshoots, snowy-as-can-be-white-out-kind-of-walks, watching the Santa Clause with Eric & co, editing with Dean Martin carols playing, and…mulled wine. I mean, I truly don’t know how I’ve lived without ever having tried mulled wine – I think I regret everything up until now…do yourself a favour this holiday and mull it up.
And the best news of today….9 days till Christmas!


Working like a little worker bee….

Well guys, I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been the world’s most ACTIVE blogger this summer. Lol. It’s been a whirlwind “recipe” of weddings, sometimes 2, every single weekend, planning our OWN wedding and ….{drumroll}…. preparing a new WEBSITE!

I cannot wait for it to go up…still lots of work to do on it, but we’re pluggin’ away! I appreciate your patience and everlasting encouragement… it makes the up-till-3am nights working on webbysites and weddings so very worth it.

Where’s the wine at?


richelle-hunter-photography-office-london-ontario copy

Instalove | Map of my March


Thought I’d update you on my Instagram perspective over the month! Currently en route to Jamaica right now ~ I can almost taste the sunscreen that always ends up in my mouth. Can’t wait! Onto the past month so I can keep you up to date with my adventures of this WEEK! :)


1 } Just as much as I love that magic hour in a sunny, serene meadow… I equally love it when the sun firssst touches an absolutely beautiful building. :)

2 } MUCHO EXCITED FOR ICE CREAM DATES real soon. Some on summer, let’s get crackalackin.

3 } I’ve been having some serious sleeping issues recently. I end up being up allllll night tossing and turning… It’s been really hard actually! Anybody have any suggestions?

4 } It’s been so fun watching Jerrica bake for her blog…. I know I already posted her gluten free scones, but this was a snap from our hilarious morning of baking and playing. :)

5 } In mad love with my mint watch. Everyone should have one. NO one is exempt.

6 } A late post from Boston. Trying not to blow away in the heart of the city!




7 } Jerrica and I decided to go to the movies. But sometimes, when we’re feeling like rockin the boat’ (goin REAL nuts), …one of us chooses the movie, and the other person keeps their head down all the way to their movie seat so they don’t know what movie their seeing until the film starts. :) Adding a little surprise to the regular. :) Just our stupid way of making something fun… funner? I was the keep-your-head-downer of the other night.

8 } Bit of an addiction to good cappuccinos right now.

9 } Collecting more and more silver jewelry to go with this new bling I have on my left area, second finger in from the left. Love my love!

10 } A quick snap from my shoot with Cole + Parker. Bryce, the Video Game Producer, can officially add “model” to the resume.

11 } Shooting the otha’ brotha’ for a fun campaign!

12 } Oh ya, I WENT WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! Way more emotional and wonderful than I expected! So fun! I highly recommend it. :)

Next time you hear from me, you won’t know it, but I’ll be in flip flops.
xo R

On the road again…



Heading off to Toronto for the weekend for a campaign shoot for Cole + Parker. Can’t wait to show you some sneak peeks!

Thank you guys so much for pushing me to blog and continuously caring about what I’m up to! I no longer can go unnoticed when I decide I don’t want to put my blogging pants on. So seriously, thank you for the emails and encouragement! Lots of shoots coming your way very soon!

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