Tweak Boutique

I kinda love flowers. And when they’re dipped in a glass resin, to be forever enjoyed around my neck, I like them even more. Tweak Boutique is an amazing handcrafting jewelry company honed by the ever-wonderful Caroline Bruce.
In an interview, Caroline once said, “At the risk of sounding trite, I have to confess that I really fall in love with every piece I make.” She went on to gush, “And if public reaction is any indication, everyone is sure to find a piece of tweak that they can’t live without.”
So. true.

We did a holiday campaign before Christmas as she had just released her newest product, the Lush Cowl Necklace. I love.
I don’t usually include product work that I do, but it’s probably clear by now that I can’t resist pretty things, so I decided to add a little handful…

Enjoy the gorgeousness that is Tweak at their website

Model | Jaime Miller
xo R