The Love Chapters | Day 2 | Patriots of New England

Boston, how you won my heart. ♥

I’ve had the fortune of traveling quite a bit this year…but there was just something about this city.
I had the luck of having my best friend/sugar mama/adventure partner, Ange, come along on the trip with me this December. I’m codependent/hate traveling alone/a child, …so Ange knew I would meet my inevitable doom & never see me again if she let me go alone. :)

I was shooting an engagement session there for an amazing couple who were sweet enough to show us around… We got to stay at a fabulous friend’s place, and see the city from a local’s point of view. Best way to do it – like the born and bred – by the end of the trip we were able to properly say, “wicked smaht” and “Bwahstin” like the cool kids. I was so unexpectedly taken by the city and all it’s details and history. You could have mistaken certain areas for any romantic & mysterious European street, I swear. So, naturally, Ange and I decided to go to Harvard (you can’t exactly go to Boston and not do Harvard.). With camera in hand…we played & pretended to be attending our regular classes like any normal girls would. Everyone brings cameras to class right? Totally blended in.

From the incredible cannoli’s we had at the famous Mike’s Pastry, …to the splendor of the Back Bay brownstones, …to the markets filled with people handing you samples(yusss) & fresh-everything, …to the fact it seemed that Christmas had exploded on Boston (with wreaths on every door) …we left a big part of our hearts in New England. (We won’t dive in too deep into the fact that I didn’t know New England REGION till we got there. “No, I SWEAR, New England is a different STATE ANGE…there’s a FOOTBALL team, hello.” Cleared that up real quick. Touche Ange, touche.)

Now this wasn’t exactly a photoshoot, but nevertheless, a few shots of our day at Harvard.


There has been a MAJOR lack of posts recently. Oops. Been dropping the proverbial ball on bloggity front.

I’ve been lucky enough to be doing a lot of traveling for shoots! It’s been a WILD couple of months! I’m so excited to share and unfold all the fun things I’ve been invited to be a part of. Right now I’m sitting in our friend’s lovely Boston brownstone apartment soaking up the crisp December air, the Christmas wreath lined streets, and the way everyone here is so polite and helpful. For a girl who sense of direction is comparable to a gnat, this comes majorly in handy. I totally underestimated the epicness of this city. No wonder people love it here so much…I’m already planning trips back. :) It would be a sin to not eat a Fenway Frank, or run the Boston marathon someday. The best part of our trip so far…was being asked for directions on Newbury street AND KNOWING THE ANSWER. I think it’s love. ♥

Van City

Portland was uh-mazing. TONS to come on that. :)

And NOW I have the fortune of hanging out with my big brother in Vancouver…Craig moved out here 5 months ago and this is the first chance we’ve had to come out and see him! Yay! Now….I’m off to wrangle some timberwolves, look at all the boats I don’t own and pretend to be a hiker (Lord help me.).