The Love Chapters | Day 11 | A little Valentine’s primping…

Here is a fun little nail heart tutorial – SUPER simple and super cute. :) Just in time for v-day! Enjoy!
{instructions below!}

Here is a step-by-step go to!
You’ll need: an X-Acto knife, white labels (regular ol’ scotch tape works too!), pencil, clear polish, and 2 nail polish colours. I used “Got the Blues for Red” by OPI & “Silver Lining” by Covergirl…

1 ♥ Paint nails with base colour of your choice. :) Let DRY for a couple of hours for best results. If you can’t wait,… {you impatient Polly} take a blow dryer to them to make sure they are bone dry!
2 ♥ Draw with a pencil the heart/shape you would like onto the label.
3 ♥ With an X-Acto knife (or sharp pair of scissors), cut out the shape. You need to have a base to cut into – I used a rubber pad used to open cans. :) This is tricky! Due to the size of the shape, be very careful… :)
4 ♥ Keep on makin those little wee cuts and trimming! Soon you’ll have an empty outline!
5 ♥ Place the label on your nail in the area you would like!
6 ♥ Press the label down so it is very “stuck”… especially around the edging of your shape.
7 ♥ Take your heart colour and paint over top of the label. –Looks messy now, looks cute later.– Make sure you don’t have TOO much nail polish on your brush! You don’t want it to run when you remove the label.
8 ♥ Wait about 10 seconds and peel off the label!
9 ♥ Wait at least an hour to apply a top coat – otherwise the clear polish will pull your sweet little heart outta shape! Only apply a top coat if you really want to. :)
Oh ya…. And then don’t forget to do the other hand. ;)

xoxo R

The Love Chapters | Day 10 | Grayson & a little Skating.

A little personal post on my night last night. After a longgg day of driving after a shoot, I was eager to come home. I was eager because I was coming home to my nephew Grayson’s 4th birthday. :) That meant skating, hot chocolate & lattes, and my whole family together. Just what I needed.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, happiest 4 year old on the block.

Now for a little cake & latte action. Don’t mind if I do.

Do you think he’s excited? I don’t know if the veins in his neck show you his pure, unadulterated joy or not…

The Love Chapters | Day 9 | Mama Love 2

So happy to share Part 2 of Kristina’s maternity shoot. Cozy and comfortable; grab some tea, and maybe a couple of cookies to peruse through these. ♥

xo R

The Love Chapters | Day 8 | Mama Love

Because it’s my blog, I can change dates right? Yesterday I didn’t post (don’t worry I just slapped myself on the wrist.)… but that means there are TWO today…because I refuse to get behind!

I heart maternity sessions. A lot.
Kristina is a beautiful woman. I am so excited to meet the beautiful baby she is bringing into this world.

It was an extra special honour being asked by Kristina and Kelly to shoot their maternity session. These two don’t actually live here ~ K & K have built their life out in Alberta. :) So it was super amazing that would got the chance to shoot together! They were home for only a short time over the winter break & Kristina was just five months pregnant…which is typically a little early for a maternity session ~ but despite this, it was important to them that they had me shoot their maternity session. Wow. Heart. Melted. So you bet your bucket I wanted to make it worth their efforts. Seriously special.

Here is Part 1 of their session. ♥ Part 2 to come late tonight.

The Love Chapters | Day 7 | It’s an Audio Affair.

What’s on my playlist right meow.  I’m a smorgasbord of random when it comes to my listenings…. :) But here’s a sample! These would all fall under my when-I’m-working-at-my-desk–all-day-editin-ma-pictures category.
I hope you enjoy them!

Binki Shapiro & Adam Green | Here I Am (indie folk)

Birdy | Young Blood (indie folk, just plain uhmazing)

Matt Kearney | Hey Mama (upbeat/fun/dancey)

Of Monster and Men | King & Lionheart (indie folk)

Gotye | I Feel Better (upbeat/fun)

Emile Sande | Next to Me (soul – makes you think you can sing as amazing as her when you’re singing along, it’s that good.)

Ben Howard | These Waters (indie folk)

Alphabeat | What is Happening (upbeat/fun)

James Vincent McMorrow | Higher Love (go-to-sleep kinda music and super good)

Passion Pit | Take a Walk (indie folk)

Lana Del Ray | National Anthem  (60′s sounding, swoony-pop [yeah, it's a genre now, okay.])

Ed Sheeran | Little Bird (indie folk)

Paolo Nutini | Autumn Leaves (scottish crooner/indie folk)

If you know me at all….you’ll know that I’m utterly and completely obsessed with French music….
I have a huge heart for Béatrice Martin of Ceour de Pirate – especially her song Saint-Laurent. So beautiful. (french indie)

Hope that gives you something new to add to your current shuffle!

xo R


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