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I have had mad love for these British boys for some time.  For the days when I’m feeling dreary or like my fun level is at a questionable degree – they put major bounce in my step. :) They are so so fun.

xo R

Katie & Gregory | Toronto Ontario Trump Tower Boston Bruin Wedding

Needless to say, all that attended Katie and Gregory’s beautiful Trump tower wedding would gush over an event to remember. Not just because of the lavish decorating, the outrageously beautiful flowers or the delicious food, but because it was two wildly beautiful people (inside and out, truly.) committing their lives to one another.

Katie and I have been in platonic mutual love since we first met. ♥ Introduced by our other amazing friend Diana, the three of us even had a chance to jet off to California together. Photoshoots, meeting strangers, and dancing in our hotel room together, were all daily unfoldings with these two. Zoom forward to a sweet day in July when the three of us were a little more proper ~ when Katie’s Vera Wang moved with her as she bounced through the night to a wedding live band. And Gregory, her new husband, smiled on as she spun.

I’d heard about Gregory for months. And until we met in person, I couldn’t have fully understood Katie’s description of a man full of honesty, integrity and most of all, deep love for KB. His quiet disposition isn’t for lack of words, but an honest and thoughtful composition of the right ones. His speech spoke volumes about the depth of their high-school-sweetheart relationship and reminded everyone in the room to cherish the love you know.

Gregory is more widely known as ‘the’ Gregory Campbell, NHL hockey player who plays for the Boston Bruins. Because of the demands of his career, miss KB will be joining Gregory in Boston. I refuse to see it as a friend moving away and instead coin it “a reason to go to Boston”. ;)

Love you guys!

xox R

A small glimpse into a fairytale day…
This isn’t a typical post for me, but because of exclusivities, I can’t post all the images from today. :)

More of the gorgeous Campbells will be coming… ♥


Welcome, September.

  • I promise to work hard and to let my brain be as creative as it wants to be. To be a creative little butterfly. I promise to let all the hard work from the past month not overwhelm me, but excite me.
  • I promise to limit myself to 5 cups of tea in a day.
  • I promise to live hard in the moments I get to enjoy with my friends and family…to not let my head be elsewhere or tote my laptop to hangouts. I’ll dive into the precious, precious times that I get to relish in the awesomeness of those around me – because life is made for that. And to take more pictures of my nephews, even if Grayson is wise to my sneaky-ninja-photosnapping ways…Apparently he can still see me when I’m hiding behind a bush. #i’llneverstop #watchouttoddlers.
  • I promise to limit the number of cat videos I watch. Unless they’ve been sent to me, or they look really cute.
  • I promise to try and not mentally curse every leaf I see on the ground and try to let my sweet, sweet summer be whisked into another fall. (Which then leads to winter. Blast, this’ll be harder than I thought. Baby steps.)
  • I can`t guarantee I’ll enjoy it, or that I won’t want to dropkick someone…but I promise to learn to cook more. And use things that sound foreign to me like kale. Almonds and pickles are not a sufficient diet.
  • I promise to take breaks from editing and dream a little.

September, I will be excited for everything. Bring it on.

James & Alynn | Grand Bend Ontario Beach Engagement | Part 2

As promised, Part 2 of James and Alynn’s beach engagement. You can see Part 1 right here… ♥

These guys make it easy, that’s all I’ll say.

xoxo R

James & Alynn | Grand Bend Ontario Beach Engagement | Part 1

Oh my sweet lanta. These two. THESE TWO.

When James and Alynn got in contact with me via email they were so sweet and so excited. When we met for coffee they were even more sweet and even more excited. For a girl who said she had no idea how to plan a wedding, she had almost everything already done! Just a bunch of baloney (bologna?), she knew exactly how to whip together a wedding. All James said he cared about was the food and dancing. Makes sense. Mister James owns a fabulously fabulous restaurant in the area, Eddington’s. Be absolutely sure to head their way for a date and enjoy all the reasons why they are so famous for their fine dining menu. Tell ‘em RH sent ya. (Just kidding, don’t do that. It might be embarrassing when know one knows who I am.)

I had arrived a little early for our engagement session the day of the shoot, and Alynn opened the door with a towel around her head and James popped his head out, holding a toothbrush. It was actually amazing – after we died laughing, we played around with outfit ideas and just relaxed. I LOVE (LOVE) getting the chance to photograph clients before the wedding, because it helps me get to know the couple – what makes them tick. Within the first 3 minutes of relaxing with J & A, I knew a) they were obsessed with their dog, b) that they are the kind to laugh things off instead of be shy, c) that they LOVE entertaining and d) that they are legitimately able to finish each other’s sentences. My kinda people. As we got everything ready, they kept asking if I needed anything. If they could carry my bags, if I needed a drink, if I needed five drinks…So sweet. I should have asked for a pony.

Grand Bend is the most gorgeous place to shoot….give me somma that dusk light and wavy water….I’m in Photography Heaven.
As we shot, we talked about how equally excited are about their upcoming September wedding. I can’t wait!

Part 2 to come tomorrow.
xo R

Oh Alynn, you are something FIERCE.

Hardcopy proof that I’m hilarious:

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