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I mean, if you’re going to wear a rainbow scarf… you can’t NOT wear a tutu as well.

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A Christmas miracle…

For a girl who is not a fan of winter…falling madly in love with this place is a Christmas miracle. ❅

Breckenridge, Colorado

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Addicted to the Mountains….

A sweet family on a GORGEOUS mountain. I think I totally found my happy place.  Stacey & Brice, you and your littles are just perfect.  SO wonderful meeting you!!!

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Calling Denver, Colorado… would you like to join me?


I have some exciting news!!! I have had the INCREDIBLE honour of being asked to come to Colorado for a family shoot.
November 21st-27th. DENVER, COLORADO.
I will be extending my stay to see a few wonderful people in Denver! If you are in the Denver area or know anyone that would be interested in a shoot, I am giving discounts to people that book with me over the next month. :) I’ll definitely be looking for pretty things or faces to photograph!

& last but not least, photography MENTORING sessions available.

I feel as though I’ll have a Sound-of-Music-moment when I see the mountains, Ontario is more on the flat side of the continent.
Reference here please:

Someone find me 7 children to frolic with STAT.

You can email me at richelle @ for discount pricing & to chat!
Here I come Denvaaaa!

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Double the sweetness… | Natalie & Ron Maternity

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-100 copy

Where to begin?

Meet Natalie & Ron. Natalie is one of my best girls…my just-as-dedicated-Starbucks-buddy, the girl with the best giggle and fellow photog.

We met after Nat emailed reaching out to grab coffee with me – I’MMMM usually the creepy stranger who emails people. But she won that time. :) And since then, two creepy strangers became quickly obsessed with each other – always giving each other tips and tricks of the trade. :) So blessed to know this girl and so grateful to know we’ll be friends for a very, very long time. :) She can’t escape now…locked in for life.

And now. NOW. She just sweetened the deal. Not only do I love Natalie and Ron, her wonderful husband… I get to love TWO more Youngs. Twin baby boys. Well, I am pretty sure I’ll just burst when they arrive – I mean, I can only imagine how cute these pint-size humans will be. It’s pretty much a given. And I am not mad about the fact that I get to buy double the number of adorable baby boy clothes. Twins is just license for so many good things.


I was so honoured to have shot Ron & Natalie’s maternity session. Such an epically important and exciting time to have documented… I hope to look through these photos with the boys at some point. :) Any day now, these two littles will be in your arms, Nat – and I can’t wait to meet them.

xo R

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-04 copy

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-15 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-16 copy

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-18 copy
london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-47 copylondon-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-31 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-33 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-37 copy

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-69 copylondon-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-67 copy  london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-93 copy

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-108 copylondon-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-105 copy  london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-115 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-121 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-126 copy

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-136 copylondon-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-133 copy  london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-138 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-145 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-154 copy london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-164 copy

london-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-166 copylondon-ontario-maternity-baby-photographer-richelle-hunter-natalie-182 copy

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